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  • Publications

    1. Basu R., Zhai L., Contreras A., and Tumban E. (2018). Immunization with Phage Virus-like Particles Displaying Zika Virus B-cell Epitopes Neutralizes Zika Virus Infection of Monkey Kidney Cells. Vaccine. Link
    2. Zhai L., Peabody J., Pang YS., Schiller J., Chackerian B., and Tumban E. (2017). A novel candidate MS2 phage VLP vaccine displaying a tandem HPV L2 peptide offers similar protection in mice to Gardasil-9. Antiviral Research 147:116-123. Link
    3. Peabody J., Muttil P., Chackerian B., and Tumban E. (2017). Characterization of a spray-dried candidate HPV L2-VLP vaccine stored for multiple years at room temperature. Papillomavirus Research 3:116-120. Link
    4. Basu R. and Tumban E. (2016). Zika Virus on a Spreading Spree: what we now know that was unknown in the 1950s. BMC Virology Journal 13(165):1-9. Link
    5. Zhai L. and Tumban E. (2016). Gardasil-9: A global survey of projected efficacy. Antiviral Research 130:101-109. Link
    6. Saboo S., Tumban E., Peabody J., Wafula D., Peabody D., Chackerian B., and Muttil P. (2016). Optimized Formulation of a Thermostable Spray-Dried Virus-Like Particle Vaccine against Human Papillomavirus. Molecular Pharmaceutics [Epub ahead of print]. Link
    7. Tumban E., Muttil P., Escobar C., Peabody J., Wafula D., Peabody D., and Chackerian B. (2015). Preclinical refinements of a broadly protective VLP-based HPV vaccine targeting the minor capsid protein, L2. Vaccine 33(29):3346-53. Link
    8. Tyler M., Tumban E., Dziduszko A., Ozbun M., Peabody D., and Chackerian B. (2014). Immunization with a consensus epitope from human papillomavirus L2 induces antibodies that are broadly neutralizing. Vaccine 32(34):4267-74. Link
    9. Tyler M., Tumban E., Peabody D., and Chackerian B. (2014). The use of hybrid virus-like particles to enhance the immunogenicity of a broadly protective HPV vaccine. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 111(12):2398-406. Link
    10. Tyler, M., Tumban E., and Chackerian, B. (2013). Second-generation prophylactic HPV Vaccines: Successes and challenges. Expert Review of Vaccines 13(2):247-55. Link
    11. Tumban E., J. Peabody, D. S. Peabody, and Chackerian B. (2013). A Universal Virus-Like Particle-based Vaccine for Human Papillomavirus: Longevity of Protection and Role of Endogenous and Exogenous Adjuvants. Vaccine 31(41):4647-54. Link
    12. Tumban E., Maes, N. E., Schirtzinger, E., Young, K. I., Hanson, C. T., Whitehead, S.S., and Hanley, K. A. (2013). Replacement of conserved or variable sequences of the mosquito-borne dengue virus 3′ untranslated region with homologous sequences from Modoc virus does not change infectivity for mosquitoes. Journal of General Virology 94(4):783-8. Link
    13. Tumban E., Peabody, J., Tyler, M.R., Peabody, D.S., and Chackerian B. (2012). VLPs Displaying a Single L2 epitope Induce Broadly Cross-neutralizing Antibodies Against Human Papillomavirus. PLoS One 7(11). Link
    14. Tumban E., Peabody J, Peabody DS and Chackerian B. (2011). A pan-HPV vaccine based on bacteriophage PP7 VLPs displaying broadly cross-neutralizing epitopes from the HPV minor capsid protein, L2. PLoS One 6(8). Link
    15. Hunter Z, Tumban E., Dziduszko A and Chackerian B. (2011). Aerosol delivery of Virus-like particles to the genital tract induces local and systemic antibody responses. Vaccine 29(28):4584-92. Link
    16. Tumban E., Maes N.E., Mitzel D.N., Hanson C.T., Whitehead S.S., and Hanley K.A. (2011). Replacement of the 3’ untranslated variable region of the mosquito-borne dengue virus with that of tick-borne Langat virus does not alter vector specificity. Journal of of General Virology 92(4):841-8. Link
    17. Tumban E., Painter J., and Lott W. (2009). Comparison between the HCV IRES Domain IV RNA and the Iron Responsive Element. Journal of Negative Results in BioMedicine 8(4). Link
    18. Romero T., Tumban E., Jun J., Lott W., and Hanley K. A. (2006). Secondary structure of dengue virus type 4 3′ untranslated region: impact of deletion and substitution mutations. Journal of General Virology 87(11):3291-6. Link

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