Techtmann Lab at
Michigan Tech

Environmental Microbiology


Research Interests

Research in the Techtmann Lab focuses on understanding the role of environmental microbial communities in environmentally and industrially relavent processes.  We use computational, lab and field methods to address questions related to environmental biotechnology

Microbial Conversion of Plastic to Food

This project is focused on Engineering natural and synthetic microbial consorita for convert plastic waste into protein powder

Natural Microbial Communities as Biosensors

This project uses machine learning  to identify microbial biomarkers in natural microbial communities that predict  environmental phenomena

Oil Biodegradation

This project seeks to study how natural microbial communities response to oil release and can be used in bioremediation

Environmental Impacts of Biocides

This project studies the link between industrial biocide use and development of antimicrobial resistance

Pathogen Genomic Survelliance

This project is focused tracking variants of pathogens in human and wildlife populations to better understand the epidemology of various pathogens