Techtmann Lab, Michigan Tech

Techtmann Lab 2019: Back row – Ryan Ghannam, Aziz Alrashdi, Stephen Techtmann, Tim Butler
Front Row: Lindsey Schenten, Laura Schaerer, Emma Byrne, Rehab Alhajjar

Principal Investigator

Stephen Techtmann, Associate Professor

Department of Biological Sciences

I am interested in the biotechnological applications of environmental microbes. In particular I’m curious about how we can extract meaningful information from environmental microbial communities and leverage that information for enhanced environmental monitoring and processing of organic pollutants such as oil and plastic waste.

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Postdoctoral Fellows

Lindsay Putman, PhD

IĀ am interested in microbial community dynamics in natural environments. I aim to understand how changes in the physical/chemical environment alter microbial community compositionĀ and function. I am particularly interested in thinking about how we can harness the unique capabilities of these dynamic communities to aid in the clean-up and maintenance of our natural environment and help us maintain sustainable and renewable sources of energy and materials.

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Prajakta Kokate PhD

I am interested in microbial evolution. Specifically, I am keen to understand biogeographic patterns in microbes and the potential causative factors. I am seeking to genomics and bioinformatics to understand microbial evolution and response to environmental change. I’m also working on development of tools for rapid assessment of safety and toxicity of alternative proteins.

Graduate Students

Laura Schaerer (PhD Student Biological Sciences)

I am primarily interested in using microorganisms and data science to solve everyday problems. The focus of my current research project is using natural microbial communities to up-cycle plastic waste.

Yogita Warkhade (PhD Student Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

I am working on biochemical characterization of carbon monoxide dehydrogenases and alkane monooxygenases identified in metagenomic datasets

Isaac Bigcraft (PhD Student Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

I am primarily interested in bioinformatics and exploring the applications of computer and data science in biological research with a focus on machine learning applications for studying microbial communities

Luke Moore (MS Student Biological Sciences)

I am primarily interested in the biochemistry of carbon monoxide dehydrogenases and biochemistry of proteins from uncultured microorganisms


Kayley Roche (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

I am interested in understanding the mechanism of biocide resistance in bacteria, and how these responses can be used to further our knowledge of transcriptomics.

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students

Rehab Alhajjar – PhD in Biological Sciences – Currently a postdoctoral fellow in Chemical Engineering at Michigan Tech

Ryan Ghannam – PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology – Currently Senior Scientist at Ann Arbor Pharmacometrics Group

Emma Byrne – MS in Biological Sciences – Currently Environmental Quality Analyst at Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Lindsey Schenten – MS in Biological Sciences

Waad Aljohani – MS in Biological Sciences – Currently a PhD student at University of Sheffield

Aziz Alrashdi – MS in Biological Sciences – Currently Molecular Biology Specialist at Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agiculture.

Timothy Butler MS in Biological Science- Currently Application Scientist at Agilent Technologies


William Christian

Anna-Catharine Wilhelm

Quinton Kreuger

Andrew Baldwin

Jeremy Pepin

Andreas Koerner

Amber Dwyer