Lab Photo 2016

Techtmann Lab 2016:  Amber Dwyer, Andrew Baldwin, Stephen Techtmann, Tim Butler, Anna-Catharina Wilhelm, Andreas Koerner






Stephen Techtmann


Andrew Baldwin – Fifth Year Bioinformatics

Andrew is interested in understand the impacts of biocides on environmental microbial communities

Timothy Butler – Fifth Year Biology

Timothy is interested in investigating the oil biodegradation potential of microbial communities in the Great Lakes region.

Jeremy Pepin – Fourth Year Environmental Engineering

Jeremy is interested in understanding the diversity of culturable oil degraders from flowback and produced water from hydraulic fracturing operations.

Mary Stangis – Fourth Year Biochemistry

Mary is interested in characterizing the mechanisms of biocide resistance.

Anna-Catharina Wilhelm – Fifth Year Biochemistry

Anna is interested in understanding the impact of ice cover on microbes involved in the nitrogen cycle.


Lab Alumni

Andreas Koerner

Amber Dwyer